Cavies Join the Team

Brianna Plake, Co-Managing Editor/Social Media Manager

The team floods out onto the dance floor for the first time as an official group. Their directors and the cavalettes cheering them on as they make this huge step into being a cavalette.The music starts, lights go up and all you can see is a unified group that would do anything for each other.

“The other Cavies and I have had a brunch and a few socials to get to know each other more,” said Wardle.

To prepare themselves for the tryout process and to grow as a team the cavies have had many socials to bond. Majority of the Cavies were on the JV team for the 2019 football season, so they continued to become close as the tryout process went on and eventually until they made the Cavalettes. The sisterhood they created was shown through the support they received at the tryouts themselves.

“Tryouts were really fun when all of the Juniors came out in a different costume each day, and the Cavalettes were all really nice and cheered us on,” said Freshman Nicole Wibner.

From the beginning all of these girls have had a bond shared throughout the tryout process, but for their first time it can be nerve racking. Having gone through the process before the upperclassmen and current Cavalettes made the process more fun by creating theme days for the Juniors and constantly cheering them on from the moment they started learning the dance to the moment they walked into the dance gym for their final tryout.

“The hardest part about the tryout process was probably having the motivation to keep going through the whole week,” said Junior Jorja White.

Although there were many motivations around it was still hard at some points to keep the motivation to finish the tryout process. When the week starts all of the girls trying out start to learn the tryout dance from the current Junior Lieutenant of the Cavalettes, and as the week goes on they continue to learn the dance and practice after school until Friday. Then when Friday comes around each dancer is given a number and put into a group that they will then tryout with in front of a group of three judges. That night the directors of the Cavalettes make a poster board with all of the numbers of the girls who made it and they post it on the outside door of the dance gym. This whole process begins and ends in the same week and it can become very fast pace and hard to keep up with.

“I am excited to perform in the Cavalettes Spring Show alongside the current Cavalettes,” said Wardle.

Every year the Cavalettes put on a show at the end of the year where they say goodbye to the seniors and showcase the dances they have performed in the past year. Not only do they do that but they now welcome the incoming babies for the next year. This is a tradition that started last school year and now every year the Cavies will perform in the Spring Show with the Cavalettes.

“My goal for my baby year as a Cavalette is to grow as a dancer and make friends on the team,” said Wibner.