Creative Writing Club Creates Its Annual Magazine


Vaishnavi Bhat, Print Editor in Chief

Students are always exposed to new technologies, ideas, fantasies and realities. Everyone’s lives are a mix of different experiences and memories, which could make incredible stories. Since so many students love writing, and are very good at it, many of these aspiring authors come together to form the Creative Writing Club. In this club, students write, critique and enjoy the art of words. Freshman Shivani Balaji joined the Creative Writing Club right when she heard about it because she wanted to learn and grow as an aspiring writer. Balaji and other members of this club enjoy writing as a hobby, and also hope to develop their writing and become better novelists, authors and journalists.

“I joined because writing is one of my biggest passions, and joining the club would help me pursue that,” said Balaji. “It would also help me improve and mold my writing skills by asking other writers for advice on my writing.”

The Creative Writing Club meets almost every Wednesday of the week. Members of this club share tips and suggestions about each other’s writing and learn how to become a better author in general.

“We mainly write works for others to critique. This way, everyone can learn from each others’ writing styles, and can have a chance to give suggestions and ideas to other writers,” said Balaji.

Getting edits on writing significantly improves anybody’s talent and helps bring out new ideas or techniques. Although it might seem scary, critiquing is an essential part of being an author and can almost never be avoided. Taking the real world as an example, literary critics make a median annual salary of $60,250, which shows how important evaluating each other’s writing is. Helping each other become the best writers is probably why the Creative Writing club is so successful. When members guide and help each other, everyone can reap the benefits of learning new things.

“Another fun thing about the club is that we create a literary magazine where we publish students’ works for other students to read and enjoy,” said Balaji.

Every year, the club comes out with a literary magazine, full of works from members and any other students that are interested for everyone to see and be entertained by. This year’s magazine is currently under the works and the Creative Writing Club is looking for more entries. The theme for their magazine this year is “A Hero’s Journey”, and any student is encouraged to enter their stories for a chance to be featured in their annual magazine. Additionally, those in charge of the literary magazine have also decided to allow art entries. Anybody interested can scan a QR Code and easily submit their work to the Creative Writing Club officers, and possibly have their talent displayed in the magazine.

“I particularly enjoy that I have the chance to improve my writing. This club can help me be the best writer I can be, and I encourage anybody who wants to become a better writer, or just wants to have fun writing with other people that share their love of literature, to join the club and submit to our magazine,” said Balaji.