Sea of Learning, Aquatic Science


Jack Simpson

Senior Jack Balog hurries to get to his class. He enters and pulls out his notebook and pencil ready to learn. His teacher, Brian Lindsey, gets ready to begin the class when the rest of his students filter in. Once the final bell rings the students are all sitting and chatting with each other before Lindsey gets their attention and begins his class. They look at unique fish and the types of water they live in. All the students are attentive and look forward as they are excited to learn as much as they can.

“Right now we are just talking about water and how it can be changed by salt and depth,” Balog said.

As the days went by, Balog started to enjoy the class more and more. He got more and more invested in the class and was excited to go there. He scribbles down the information and is truly learning everything he can. He becomes more and more invested in his work and is even looking forward to his projects.

“I thought it was going to be just taking care of a fish to be honest,” said Balog. “But it’s actually about aquatic life and marine biology, It’s actually a very cool class.”

One of the projects in Aquatic Science is taking care of a fish. The task may be easy for students, but if students do not pay attention then they could just as easily fail. Students spend their time learning how to care for fish and what they need to survive. They even study how the environment of the fish can impact the way they live.

The class also covers many different fields and one of the upcoming projects will be building a boat, (not full sized), seeing how it floats and what it takes to make a sea worthy object.

“In two weeks we’ll build a boat and learn how boats work,” Lindsey said. “I guess you could say the aquariums are a project, we’ll have them set up around the room.”

The students will soon be getting their fish and they will work together to take care of them in the tanks that will be around the room. They will be getting more experience in the field that they hope to explore while taking care of their aquatic friends.

“Hopefully we’ll engage students’ curiosity in things they don’t know about, it’s a great big world that we aren’t exposed to in our little world,” said Lindsey.

The overall goal of the class is to encourage students and make them want to learn more about the world. There is so much out there and this is the perfect class to help get ready for the future. Soon these students will be adults in the real world and the things they learn in this class and others will prepare them for it.