Create A Home Garden


Anna Berry

It is officially fall, and what better way to kick things off than by planting a home garden. Home gardens are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of growing plants such as flowers, vegetables, or herbs for personal use. In the fall season, vegetables that typically grow well in the Texas Coastal Plains region are broccoli, parsley, lettuce, mustard and garlic. Some seasonal flowers to consider planting are fall perennials, fall salvia, the chrysanthemum, zinnias, marigolds, and celosias. Whatever is decided to plant, it is important to follow the basic steps of gardening in order to ensure survival.

To start off, buy the plants. Vegetables and flowers can be bought and planted from seed, however, beginner planters might want to consider buying an already sprouted plant. Gardening places in Fort Bend county to buy plants include Lowes, Walmart, Houston Garden Center, and Enchanted Gardens.

Next, put down the soil.  When planting vegetables, consider garden soil and for flowers, a sandy loam mix. A sandy loam mix is made up of sand, which allows for drainage, and silt or clay.

Then, plant. Follow the guidelines on the packages of the seeds that you buy for how deep you are supposed to sow them. When starting from an already sprouted or flowered plant, most containers have instructions for how deep to insert the plant or flower into the soil.

Afterwards, follow up. Make sure that each plant is receiving the right amount of water on a regular basis. If needed, fertilizer can be bought to enhance the life of the flower or plant, and enrich the soil as well.

Finally, enjoy. Gardening is a hobby that is meant to be enjoyed. Green thumb or not, try it out. Home gardens are meant to be cherished and enjoyed for the physical and mental success that they bring.