Creativity Inspires Writers: Creative Writing Club


Samyuta Rajagopalan

Students can be seen in a classroom enthusiastically talking to one another about the upcoming literary magazine. They gather around a table consisting of over 60 entries of artwork, short stories, narratives and poems. Their creativity inspires each other as they work as a team to put the magazine together. This year, the theme of the magazine is the Elements of Life.

The Creative Writing Club serves to inspire student writers to not only improve as a writer, but also to think outside the box. The club currently has 25 members and meetings occur every Wednesday after school in room 2216.

“The goal of this club is to encourage writing and the love of writing throughout one’s life,” said sponsor Lisa Detweiler Miller.

As the sponsor, Miller guides the members as they put the final touches to the literary magazine. Throughout the year, the magazine has been the main focus at club meetings. Members used these meetings to brainstorm ideas about the magazine and their individual submissions. Additionally, this club invites submissions from other students, and the members vote on the pieces to include in the magazine and then edit them. Senior Saanika Halapeti is the president of this club; she was an active member for two years and a vice president for one.

“I joined this club because I love writing and thought the concept of contributing to a magazine that would come out every year was interesting,” said Halapeti.

Currently, the club is working on organizing the submissions they received in a way that will allow the pieces to transition well with each other. Over spring break, members worked on the final draft of the magazine, which will then come out in April. They will be on sale during lunches or can be purchased from English teachers.

“What really amazes me is seeing the immense talent that Tompkins students have,” said Miller. “This club inspires students to find their voices and shows them that anyone can be a writer.”