Hear the Truth about Vaping


Madison Isom

Vaping has become the new buzz of the 21st century. Coming out as a good alternative for adults using cigarettes, these products are ending up in the hands of teens.
Tompkins main campus nurse, Janna Gremillion has seen many students come in affected by being too buzzed or hurt from these toxic chemicals. Jennifer Rigsbee L.S.S.P. has seen many students affected by vaping and students who get caught in class because of how addicted they are.

“The chemical in the vape juice can affect one’s brain because they don’t know the dangers of them,” said Gremillion.

Vape juice contains many chemicals that give it flavor and also nicotine to get you buzzed. Many students are going through more than two pods a day. A full pod has the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

“Vaping can be very dangerous to your brain because your brain does not full develop until the age of 25,” said Rigsbee.

Vaping or smoking with an underdeveloped brain can cause you to use other drugs and develop disorders. Mood swings and anger problems can come with vaping.

“Vaping became popular by promotion on social media and its candy flavored juices and pods,” said Gremillion.

There are multiple ads that promote e-cig usage for adults to quit smoking. The FDA is cracking down on companies like Juul for having candy like flavors that attract younger people other than the targeted customer. The FDA is planning to ban Mango pods to lower the usage by teens. There are multiple ads that promote e-cig usage for adults to quit smoking.

“Vaping can also cause students to start smoking cigarettes and THC,” said Rigsbee.

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis and it is also very addictive.

“I have had students come in feeling confused and afraid from hitting more than two pods in the school day,” said Gremillion. “There are more chemicals in a vape than a cigarette.”

Nicotine was made to become an addictive property. Companies made cigarettes and vapes to where you need them to be satisfied. There is a chemical property in nicotine that attracts a lot of users.

“Students vaping in class can be very dangerous because they react. It is also a legal issue so depending on what you get caught with, you could be facing jail time and suspension,” said Gremillion.

According to the FDA in high school, 21 out of 100 student’s vape in class and outside by hiding the vape in a hoodie jacket or simply there hand. According to the Texas state law, underage smoking is illegal and the law states in order to not be charged with a vape, you must be 18 years of age.

Cigarettes are produced in a factory so they all get about the same amount of chemicals and product. Vape juices are produced in back stores and other facilities so you do not always know the contents and chemicals inside.