Sound FX Performs Their First Show of the Year


Samyuta Rajagopalan

Powerful music echoes through the performing arts center to build up the excitement in the audience before the show begins. Footsteps can be heard behind the closed curtains as the performers take their positions on the stage for the opening song. After months of rehearsing, Sound FX is ready to perform their first show of the year. The show is on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at 7:00 p.m. and is directed by Choir teacher Christin Reinartz. The theme this year is Tales of Love and will showcase the different types of love and the course of love over a person’s life.

Preparations for this show began in August. The Sound FX members worked together with Reinartz to think of ideas for the theme. From there, they began looking for songs and solos to perform that fell within that category. As the performance date got closer, the members practiced more frequently and went through show order while continuing to rehearse the choreography.

“We started working on choreography in early September, so my favorite part about practice so far has been finally getting the choreography down after doing it so many times and starting to see the whole show coming together,” said Sound FX member and senior Tasneem Islam.

As director of this show, Reinartz had a lot of fun being able to create a show from scratch. With the help of a consultant, she choreographed six out of ten numbers. She also designed the program and made the final selections of the costumes, music and light cues.

“I am most excited to see this show not only come together, but also to come to life because sometimes the best of what you ever see of a show is always on the show night,” said Reinartz. “We have put a lot of hard work into it and I am looking forward to everyone getting to see that.”