Thanksgiving Traditions Amongst Students


Lindsay Haney

Seated around a long, wooden table, a family is gathered for their annual Thanksgiving meal. Various foods decorate the top of the table creating a beautiful, mouth-watering scene. Chatter fills the large dining room as everyone prepares to eat. Finally, the toast begins and quickly ends as everyone is excited to begin their feast. They begin to dig in and do not plan on stopping until they are past full.

“We start preparing for our meals the day before Thanksgiving since we make almost everything from scratch,” said senior Abbey Bacher.

Many families have their never changing Thanksgiving traditions that they follow every year, like the Bacher family. She states that her whole family gathers every year to celebrate and feast. Bacher, her mom and grandmother love to make all the meals that will be eaten on this festive evening. They cook and bake everything the night before. Like the Bacher family, senior Amanda Page and her immediate family love to cook their own meals for Thanksgiving.

“Even though my family are not huge Thanksgiving people, we still love to cook some of our meals from scratch, especially the turkey, when we do properly celebrate,” says Page.

Along with cooking meals, her family also enjoys watching the many football games that are broadcasted on television throughout the day. Both the Bacher and Page families love to watch a classic hallmark movie every year. The Bergeron family also includes this same tradition of enjoying a movie on Thanksgiving night.

“After all the cooking, eating and cleaning up has been done, the whole family sets off to go watch a movie at the theater,” says senior Brooke Bergeron.

These families love celebrating the Thanksgiving season with their loved ones. They enjoy the bundles of food, the exciting games, the thrilling movies and most importantly giving thanks. Their special traditions make the times spent together sweeter than the pies on the table.