NAHS Paints the Principal


Olivia Garrett

On Friday Sept. 28, the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) will be doing something it has never  before. In order to drum up more school spirit for the Seven Lakes game that night, the members of NAHS have creatively come up with an innovative way to raise money and Falcon pride.

“The week of Sept. 24-28, National Art Honor Society will be conducting our Fall Fundraiser, ‘Paint the Principal,’” said NAHS sponsor Emily Smelser.

Smelser and her NAHS members have come up with a creative idea for their fundraiser. ‘Paint the Principal’ will be a competition between members of NAHS to come up with the best Falcon face paint design. NAHS members displayed their design on a model and the members of the NAHS will voted on whose was the best. Currently, the students of Tompkins are able to choose which Assistant Principal they want to see painted as a Falcon.

“My NAHS students are competing amongst themselves to come up with the best Falcon face painting in order to paint it on one of the grade level assistant principal. The choices are Rizzo, Shanks, Campbell, Morgan, and Matthews,” said Smelser.

Smelser and NAHS members hope it will drum up school spirit and get the Falcon football team ready to beat Seven Lakes. All money will go to NAHS.

“The days of Sept. 24-27, NAHS members will be going around during lunches to the student body and asking them to put any cash/donation into the assistant principal’s box who they want to see painted as a Falcon,” said Smelser.

The winning principal will wear the face painting all day. This embodiment of Falcon spirit and school pride is something worth getting excited about. As Tompkins ages, the school’s sense of tradition gets stronger and Smelser hopes this new event will catch on.

“I am really excited. I think it is a really cool tradition,” said senior, NAHS member Isabella Ortigoza.

This fundraiser promises to boost money and school spirit. Make sure to be on the lookout for the donations during lunches.