Seniors’ Favorite Class


Maddie Fossit


Jeremy Bravo
“AP US History with Mr. Gigliotti. I didn’t like the subject so much, but Mr. Gigliotti was an awesome teacher. He was able to make a boring topic much more entertaining.”

Jaerin Jeong
“AP Studio Art with Mrs. Skinner has been my favorite class. It’s a relaxing, chill class and I get to draw which I love doing.”

Nengi Nimiworio
“I always look forward to my color guard class at the end of the day. I love Mr. Vizza, our director, and I’ve made lifelong friends over the past four years. When I think about high school in the future, I think I’m just going to remember color guard practice, competitions and all the fun I had.”

Charles Oloewookere
“Football by far was my favorite class at Tompkins. I don’t even know if I’d go to high school if I wasn’t in football. I loved my team and I will always love the sport.”

Harish Rajanala
“My favorite class was Physics II. I loved being in Physics I and decided to challenge myself by being in Physics II. Mr. Daigle is an awesome teacher, too.”

Jelena Salvador
“I’d say that AP Psychology was my favorite, because the subject was actually interesting. I decided to become a psychology major in college, since I liked the class so much.”

Michael Maxwell
“Band was my favorite class. I made so many friends in the class, and I always liked performing at halftime during the football season. I’m going to miss band in college.”