Falcons Flaunt Styles at Spring Fashion Show


Celine Low

As the lights dim in the PAC, the remaining audience members hurry to their seats while emcees come on stage. Soon, music blares from loudspeakers and students from all different grades appear on stage to show off amazing outfits designed by their peers. The Spring Fashion Show is the FIDM Fashion Club’s biggest event of the year.

“I really enjoyed getting to work with people one-on-one. My goal was to make it a positive experience for everyone involved, so seeing people having fun was the best part,” senior and FIDM Fashion Club co-president Dominique Sharifi said. “Being in charge of so many elements of the show and keeping track of so many people, while still being a high schooler with a busy schedule, was very difficult. But it was very rewarding in the end.”

Sharifi has been a part of the FIDM Fashion Club since its founding last school year. She, along with fellow seniors and co-presidents Daniela Guevara and Andrea Pulgar, had been planning the Spring Fashion Show for months.

“My favorite part about the show is seeing all of the faces of the designers on the other side of the stage as they watch their final products be displayed,” Guevara said.

The first portion of the Fashion Show featured fashion lines curated by different students and borrowed from local stores and brands. Models appear on stage one-by-one or pair-by-pair to show off the wide array of looks.

“I was so impressed by all the lines. I enjoyed (freshman) Madeline Garcia’s a lot,” Guevara said. “It was inspired by Tyler The Creator, and he’s one of my favorite artists at the moment.”

The second portion of the show featured a display of different fashion pieces from a variety of cultures, such as Chinese and Nigerian. Students that were a part of these ethnic cultures were the ones that modeled the outfits.

“I am definitely going to miss the friends that I have made from being in the show and the club. All of us are very different people and if it were not for this club, I don’t think we would have crossed paths,” Sharifi said. “It’s so cool that we are all brought together by a common interest and we work really well together as a result.”

Seeing the Spring Fashion Show end on such a great note makes parting with the Fashion Club so much harder for the senior officers. However, they know that the officers and members they will leave behind after graduation will continue to make future fashion shows stunning.

“As advice for the club, it’s important to be extremely organized and be constantly updating the information. I also highly recommend starting before the semester with the designers because it got a little hectic organizing that on top of everything else. It is nice to get things out of the way,” Sharifi said. “I also want to say to them, if you are not having fun at all than you should reassess your plan of attack. The show is supposed to be a good experience for you and the others working with you.”