The Future of Falcon Football


Drew Van Chau

Helmets crash together, bouncing off of one another, shoulder pads set in as they are pressed against. They are hot and heavy, filled with sweat, the same sweat dripping down the faces grimacing beneath the helmets. One of the football team’s captains, junior Ryan Schmidt, yells words of encouragement, but they are drowned out by the pounding in the players’ heads as they push against the ground, digging into it and keeping low. It’s the end of the football bootcamp.


“We just went through boot camp, and that went really well. We got to learn how it’s not just who we’re playing against but how we work together,” said Schmidt. “ Everyone has to win together, it’s not just one person fighting for themselves, it’s everyone working together. It’s either everybody wins or everybody loses.”


The football program began undergoing changes to further emphasize camaraderie and teamwork. They have gone so far as to implement a new program.


The Falcon Core Values Program is something new that’s being implemented,” said athletic secretary Darla Bergeron. “It focuses on high energy, tempo, competition, discipline, being appreciative for your family, finishing out the game, not giving up, and getting what you earn.”


This new program has been heavily emphasized throughout the recent bootcamp and will be printed on their sportswear next year. Until then they still have two separate programs to go through before starting next school year.


We have spring ball and then strength and conditioning camp,” said Schmidt. “We have SAC in the summer and then the weight room will be open all of the time. We’re going to work on getting faster and stronger then work on the plays for the season.”


The program will go through a six week strength and conditioning camp over the summer that specializes on weight training.


“We lost our seniors, but we had a young team last year. Since we had a young team last year we can go into this year with experience,” said Schmidt.


The players have a hopeful outlook for this upcoming season, confident in their recent training.


“I think this upcoming year is going to be the best year we’ve ever had,” said Schmidt.