Night of Music at the Sound FX Show Dazzles


Sam Hennig

Over the weekend of Dec. 1, the Sound FX choir put on their first show of the season: True Colors. The show was one of non-stop fun, featuring music from hit shows and musicals that fit into the theme of showcasing one’s true colors. Junior Tasneem Islam, a first year member of Sound FX, reflected on the great experience she had after finishing her first show, and senior Mckenzie Fisher reflected on her second experience working tech for the show.

“We (Sound FX) have been rehearsing since the start of the year. We rehearse daily in class as well as occasionally after school, especially when leading up to show week,” Islam said.

The show True Colors contained 22 songs, with a mix of seven group numbers and the rest being solo numbers. Some of the songs included hits like “Ease On,” and the main number “True Colors.” The show’s set, dances and vocals took three months to come together and required dedication in all aspects of the show.

“This was my second time helping the Sound FX choir put on their show. It was a great experience to see the show come together from a different standpoint and being able to put my best effort forth to help the show come together,” Fisher said.

Fisher, along with several other students from the OTHS PAC staff, helped bring together technical aspects for the show. These technical aspects included the lights, sound and making sure the set is set up for success. Working light boards and sound boards is a tedious job that students help run. By running shows, cueing light and testing mics, True Colors was able to reach its fullest potential on opening and closing night.

“Being part of Sound FX has been such an incredible experience to be a part of. Working with talented people who all have such unique capabilities has been amazing. Putting together a show filled with singing and dancing has been, although challenging, so rewarding,” Islam said.