New Superhero Movie Disappoints Fans

New Superhero Movie Disappoints Fans

Diego Rivera

The Justice League movie features a shallow plot and awkwardly-executed humor. Those who enjoy the DC Universe and action-packed movies may enjoy the film, but others may become tired with the overwhelming amount of CGI effects.

The movie is set immediately after the death of Clark Kent (Superman), and the world mourns his passing. The film’s various settings, ranging from the sunlit home of the Amazons to the underwater world of Atlantis, change as the characters move around the world.

After Clark Kent dies, a new threat to Earth named Darkseid is able to emerge. Bruce Wayne (Batman) teams up with Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) to combat Darkseid and his forces. As this new enemy becomes more urgent, they recruit heroes along the way like Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Together, they form the Justice League and work to avenge Clark Kent’s death by ridding Darkseid’s forces from the world.

The superheroes were bland and cookie-cutter; they drowned with the rapid pace of the movie and an underdeveloped plot.

Wonder Woman’s actress Gal Gadot was unable to save the movie with its flat characters. Her humor and boldness were masked with the performances of Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. Ezra Miller’s performance as The Flash, however awkward, provided decent comic relief. Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher as Aquaman and Cyborg respectively were forgettable and one-dimensional, their presences are simply hype for DC Universe fans.

Throughout the film, unity is stressed as the Justice League fights together against Darkseid’s forces. There are, however, barely any other lessons to be learned as Darkseid proves to be a weak antagonist, not letting the characters develop or learn anything from their struggles other than to stop evil from taking over the world.

Unlike Marvel movies which incorporate a lot of humor, Justice League director Zack Snyder presents the movie in a more serious tone, although some jokes are cracked throughout the film. The lack of humor does not captivate the audience well, and audience members are instead force-fed a plethora of CGI effects. At many times the plot was too confusing to follow; there are too many characters introduced with an antagonist who has weak incentives.

In contrary to most of the film, the film’s soundtrack creates triumph when victory occurs and action when the heroes fight off evil forces. One could close his eyes to avoid watching the horrendous amount of CGI effects and enjoy the movie more by listening to a professional and beautiful soundtrack.

Fans of DC’s Wonder Woman will be utterly disappointed with Justice League as all of the humor and lessons of courage have been sapped and turned into special effects. It would be smart to avoid the film and spend one’s money on another movie—perhaps The Avengers?