World Series Saves Houston

Payton Chaisson

The past few months have been crazy for the city of Houston, from Hurricane Harvey devastating the city to the Astros breaking a 55-year drought without a championship. After the city was flooded and destroyed, Astros gave light to a city that was in a dark moment. The Astros went on an incredible postseason run making it all the way to the World Series and were able to cap it off with a game 7 victory. Not only did the victory give the people hope, but every home run hit that series raised money for Houston.

“Having the Astros win is great for the city. It’s been too long without a championship in Houston and the Astros winning their first one ever is amazing. Not only was it beneficial to Harvey victims, but it boosts morale within the citizens,” said senior and die hard Astros fan Bryce McEntire.

T-Mobile started the campaign Homeruns for Hurricane Recovery (HR4HR). For every homerun hit in the Postseason T-Mobile donated $10,000 and for every tweet with #HR4HR $1 was donated to recovery effort. It was doubled for the World Series with $20,000 for homeruns and $2 per tweet.

Lucky enough, this World Series had a total of 22 homeruns hit, 15 of those hit by the Astros. The lives of many could be changed from the money donated by T-Mobile. The 2017 Postseason was filled with a total of 101 homeruns. T-Mobile donated over $2 million for hurricane relief from the baseball postseason. All the money was donated to Team Rubicon for hurricane recovery relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

“What T-Mobile is doing is amazing. It is helping citizens in Florida and Puerto Rico along with Houston,” said McEntire.

The HR4HR campaign is a great relief effort for the areas impacted from the hurricanes this year. Some areas are still overcoming the aftermath of the hurricanes whether they are having to rebuild or repair homes and buildings or replace essentials such as cars. The money donated will help out tremendously for those who need it. This is a great cause and T-Mobile chose no better event than the MLB Postseason where this year was the year of the homerun.

“The amount of homers hit in the postseason was amazing to watch, but it was also amazing because more people get to be helped out,” said McEntire.