Maddie Fossitt

“My whole life I was jealous of people who could eat anything without any restrictions. I always wondered if Big Macs or Whoppers were overrated by Americans, or if they actually were that good. I never knew what fast food tasted like, because I am an American Muslim. Many people don’t realize how many restrictions we have on our diets, and how difficult it can be to go out and eat with our families in Katy. Muslims can only consume halal meat, and most restaurants and fast food places do not have halal meat. Halal food is simply prepared in a different manner that follows the Qur’an, and most Muslims have to go to special markets in order to buy halal food. I wished that my religion did not have all these strict consumption rules, because it just makes living in America more difficult. I just wanted to go to Chik-fil-A and eat a chicken sandwich or nuggets with my Muslim friends, but that wasn’t my reality. The summer after ninth grade, I went to Pakistan for vacation. In Middle Eastern countries almost all of the food is halal, so I didn’t have to worry about breaking my religious beliefs. I finally asked my mother if we could go to Burger King and eat a Whopper and she agreed. When I took my first bite I immediately thought it was the best thing I had ever ate, but I decided that I would probably never eat it again. I am happy that I got to experience what Americans can everyday, but I regret thinking about breaking my Muslim faith for a hamburger. I realized that I should be proud of my religion and appreciate what makes Muslim faith different from others.”


Junior Shaima Arshad