Students Benefit at Miller Career and Technology Center


Aidan Bolling

Going into junior year, students across the district are given the opportunity to apply for the Miller Career and Technology Center. At MCTC, the courses are steered towards different careers that may interest current high school students. Courses such as cosmetology, an automotive course, an audio video course and much more are offered. It presents the option for students to try many different courses, testing themselves to see if any of these careers are interesting to them to become potential jobs in the future. Junior Logan Smalley is taking audio visual engineering at MCTC.
“The Miller Career Center has really given me more opportunities than I thought possible. It is really an exemplary learning experience that I have really appreciated. It has taught me more about myself and the careers that I’m interested in more than anything else,” said Smalley.
Juniors and seniors can apply to attend MCTC given that they have space on their school schedule and that they are on track with their classes to graduate. Learning about career choices is not the only thing that MCTC offers however. For example if students take the cosmetology course for two years, they can become a licensed cosmetologist, allowing them to get a job in the field sooner than others.
“I absolutely do not regret applying for Miller, it has been one of the best decisions that I have made, and has broadened my horizons to so much,” said Smalley.
Students may also include their participation in MCTC on their college applications, boosting their chances of being accepted. Junior Christian Lopez currently takes the culinary arts course at MCTC. Culinary art is the art of preparing, cooking and presenting of food.
“MCTC is beneficial for students because it gives them a chance to see and experiment with what they want to do later on in life,” said Lopez.

Miller Career and Technology Center Courses:
• Architectural Design-Practicum
• Auto Tech I-Maintenance & Light Repair
• Auto Tech II-Automotive Service
• Clinical Rotation-Practicum in Health Science
• Computer Maintenance & Lab (Cisco Academy IT Essentials PC Hardware & Software)
• Cosmetology Introduction & Cosmetology I
• Cosmetology Design & Color Theory & Cosmetology II
• Culinary Arts & Culinary Arts Practicum
• Cyber Security I & II
• Dental Assisting-Practicum in Health Science
• Digital Audio I & II
• EMT Basic-Practicum in Health Science
• Film-A/V Production II & Lab
• Film-Practicum in A/V Production
• Hospitality Services-Practicum
• Hotel & Restaurant Management
• Internetworking Technologies I (Cisco Academy Introduction to Networks)
• Internetworking Technologies II (Cisco Academy Routing & Switching Essentials)
• Instructional Practices in Education
• Law Enforcement I & Court Systems & Practices
• Law Enforcement II
• Manufacturing Engineering I & II
• Manufacturing Engineering-Practicum
• Online Independent Study & Mentorship PreAP/GT
• Pharmacology & Pharmacy Tech-Practicum in Health Science
• Special Topics in Social Studies I & II-Civic Engagement/Criminal Justice
• STEM-Practicum
• Veterinary Medical Application & Vet Med Lab
• Vet Assisting-Practicum