Equality at Tompkins: The Feminism Prevails


Yazmin Luna

Equality is defined as the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities. Men and women are entitled to the same rights as the definition shows and the Feminism Club shows how Tompkins High School promotes the equality between the two genders. AP US History teacher Christina Ferrari sponsors the club, as well as the Anime Club, with the purpose of promoting equality and making a difference for the females in the school.

“I enjoy sponsoring the club. They are a great group of students who care about the cause as well as the club itself,” said Ferrari.

The president of the Feminism club, senior Namrata Prakash, was the creator and the person who makes the club’s decisions. It started as an idea in 2014 and eventually was approved to be what it is today. The club meets once or twice a month in room 1641 and discusses women issues and minority issues. The club, however, does not just focus on women. The members describe these meetings as a safe space to discuss issues going on in society as well as in their lives.

“This club was created for anyone who wanted to discuss social issues that are relevant to society today, the topic of feminism in general is really important to me so I wanted to create a club that would reflect that,” said Prakash.

Besides Prakash, there are two other officers. Junior Daniela Guevara and senior Hannah Dryer are in charge of creating ideas to discuss, as well as activities to participate in the club. The organization’s goal is to make sure the members have a voice around the school and officers want to spread the idea to female students, as well as society as a whole.

“There is a beauty in equality. It gives us hope that the school will see the message we are trying to send, that all men and women deserve the same,” said Prakash.