Tompkins Students Got Talon(t)


Olivia Garrett

Sophomore Bethany Powell is backstage, trying her best to calm her nerves with deep breathing. Her feet feel as if she is wearing steel toed boots, heavy with anxiety and pre show jitters. She is hit with a blinding ray of light as the heavy red velvet curtains of the PAC swing open. She can feel her heartbeat thumping in her chest and her breathing quickening. She takes one final breath as her music begins. The melody takes her away and her nerves seems to melt. She has been waiting for this moment all year, her opportunity to showcase her voice at the Falcons got Talon(t) Show.
“I love to sing and I love to sing for my peers because they don’t get to hear me sing in choir. I love to sing, especially country music” said Powell.
Powell’s love of singing began at an early age and has continued throughout her life. She is a part of the choir program at OTHS, but is excited to showcase her talent to a wider range of people. She is also a member of the volleyball team, playing on JV this year. Powell is very involved in Tompkins and supports the school and is thankful for the opportunities she has to demonstrate her many talents.
“I will be singing The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert. I did this event last year so I do have experience in front of a big student body like this,” said Powell
Powell is an experienced singer, participating in Falcons got Talent last year. Her song choice reflects her love of country music. Her experience from last year combined with her expertise in singing country music, makes Powell confident in her abilities. Sophomore Karen Wang won show with a piano act. She played The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams and was a crowd favorite.
“I was so in shock when I won. I had never experienced anything like that before. I was really proud when I won,” said Wang
After learning the song a long time ago, she let it fall to the wayside, only to recover it for the show. Wang enjoyed preforming and appreciates the opportunity.
“It really was not that hard to prepare. I already knew the song and loved playing it. It only took a few weeks to perfect it. It’s one of my favorite songs to play so I am happy I got to win with it,” said Wang.