Prather Remembers the Good Times

Payton Chaisson

This past game against Cinco Ranch High School was the last time any of the senior football players would step out onto the football field. Friday Night Lights is a big deal in Texas and this being the last time many of the seniors would ever be a part of something like this is very memorable and emotional.

“Walking off that field Saturday night was hard knowing that might be the last time I pad up and go out on the field,” senior Jake Prather said.

Being a football player means that teammates are not just teammates, they become brothers and create a bond with them. Teammates get closer to each other more than a normal friendship. They are with each other more than they are with anyone else during a school week.

“I’m really going to miss the guys and the bonds and friendships we made. We will have good memories with each other as we move on from football,” Prather said.

Over the years, great memories have been made whether it is a big play or big win. Some memories are ones that never get forgotten and will last a lifetime and will be told to kids and grandkids. Getting to pass down memories from seasons played keeps the legacy of that year’s team alive

“One memory I’ll never forget is our big win over Seven Lakes. It was the school’s first district win as a varsity football team and our first win over our rivals at Seven Lakes. It is a story I’ll never stop telling,” Prather said

The varsity football has grown exponentially in the past two seasons. The first year the school had a varsity football team they did not win a single game. The next season the school completed two milestones by winning their first game and then beating our rivals, Seven Lakes. Along with those two big wins the team had a shot at the playoffs, but unfortunately did not make it. This past season the team performed well with adding a lot of young talent of sophomores and juniors. They went on to win two games.

“Our first few years we didn’t win a game, but the past two years we started to win and it was a great feeling. It is amazing how we went from not winning a game to winning some games and barely miss the playoffs the next year,” Prather said.

All good things must come to an end, but the good will never be a lost memory in any of these young men’s minds.

“Playing varsity football under the lights in a state where high school football is such a big event is an amazing feeling and I’ll never forget my time playing for Tompkins,” Prather said.