Staying Fit During the School Year


Olivia Garrett

Most students lose their once prioritized motivation for a fit summer body when school starts. With the sudden onslaught of stress, homework and responsibilities, fitness can get pushed to the back of a student’s mind. Panic begins to set in when students realize they are suddenly out of time and energy to get in shape. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way. With the right time management and skills, staying in shape during the school year can become an easy part of a daily schedule.

The most important part of fitness during the busy school year is fitting workouts into your schedule. Setting time aside each day for a workout is key to staying with your fitness goal. Whether it be as soon as you get home or after you finish your homework, sticking to a set time will make workouts a part of your routine, rather than doing it sporadically.

Doing quick and easy workouts will ensure you have time to maintain your fitness while school is in session. Fast workouts include circuit workouts, a series of 3-5 exercises at a set amount of reps you can repeat as many times as you want. This allows you to adjust your workout length to what fits your schedule and workload for the day. In addition, apps like Sworkit and 7 Minute Workout are convenient ways to get a quick workout in and include motivating statistics that keep you on track. Another quick workout for students is simply running in your neighborhood. Half an hour of jogging is great for your cardiovascular health and boosts your mood and immune system. This quick workout can be beneficial in more ways than just improving your physical appearance, helping your focus, mood, and reducing stress levels.

The final component to staying fit during the school year is watching what you eat. Students should avoid stress eating, especially unhealthy foods. Studying and working on homework away from the kitchen can aid in this. Meal planning for bringing a lunch to school is a helpful way to make sure you eat healthy while not cutting in to your time in the morning. Making five healthy lunches Sunday night and grabbing them each morning and putting them into your lunch box will ensure your food is nutritious and easily accessible.