Who Can Govern Better?


Daniela Flores, Staff Writer

As the Texas presidential polls and preliminaries grow ever nearer, new voters are asking themselves questions like where to register, how to pick the best candidate and what are the debates for? Seniors Kyle Hecker and Susan Rankin seem to have it all figured out, but not everyone is as prepared.

“To vote in the polls you could do the ones on Fox News which is by computer and telephone, or wait until you turn 18 and you will get a registration card in the mail,” said Rankin.

When one turns 18 or becomes a legal citizen of the United States they cannot just simply show up and expect to vote; a process must be followed. There is a form online called the National Mail Voter Registration Form to be printed, filled out and mailed. Once registered, one can vote at places like the Cinco Ranch Public Library, Obra D. Tompkins High School and Seven Lakes High School. But before voting of any kind can occur, one has to to decide who they like and dislike as candidates.

“The ISideWith quiz is very informative due to its generalized questions, but the answers can get really specific. It really does help see what a candidate’s policies,” said Hecker.

When choosing which candidate is the best, one should depend strongly upon their beliefs and what one thinks is best for the country. The ISideWith quiz is really helpful with this. It takes one’s beliefs and compares them to all of the presidential candidates currently in the running. It then reveals which candidates a voter is most compatible with.

“Presidential debates are important, but if you aren’t paying attention then the things that you are supposed to be watching out for will slip right past you,” said Rankin.

Debates are supposed to reveal what a candidate’s demeanor is like as well. There are moments when the candidates display how well they can defend themselves as well as how quickly they think on their feet. This provides a window as to how, if elected, a candidate will be in office.

“When it comes down to it, it is really important that you are happy with your choice of who you vote for, and and that you won’t regret your vote,” said Hecker.