Kelly Moore


Briana Edwards, Co-Managing Editor

Born and raised in Utica, New York, for 22 years English teacher Kelly Moore stills feels like she is on a tropical vacation although she has resided in Texas for nearly 18 years. Moore pursued her studies at three schools: Mohawk Valley College, State University of New York Institute of Technology and University of St. Thomas.

Moore’s first area of teaching was mathematics. After several years of educating students in various subjects including Algebra, Geometry and Math Models and specifically working with special populations, Moore went on to teach English.

“When I moved to another part of Texas, there was a class of students who needed an English teacher, so I took the state exam,” Moore said. “I discovered that my love for books and learning could be passed on to this great group.”

When Moore is lucky to find a free moment, she loves to take short trips with her two sons. As an English teacher of course Moore finds pleasure in reading. She enjoys World Historical Fiction, Memoirs and Editorials. Now in her 7th year of teaching English and 18th year in teaching overall, Moore appreciates when students understand a concept that is deeper than face value.  

“On my report card growing up we had the option of a double A– (AA), I see this in the quality of my students in class and on my teams – these are joyful moments,” Moore said. “Every high school has their own state of mind and I believe OTHS has a sincere, high quality state of mind.”