Aimar Diaz


Prasiddh Chakraborty, Co-Managing Editor

While many of us struggle with time management throughout high school, others just have it perfectly planned. Senior Aimar Diaz is one such person. Along with her school responsibilities which start by her waking up early in the morning, Diaz is also part of the Spanish Club, French Club, French National Honor Society, Senior Women Club, National Honor Society and also works at Genghis Grill.

“I personally do not find it that much work, I am still able to find time to hang out with my friends,” Diaz said.

Diaz was born in Venezuela, but has moved quite a bit. After living there only for half a year, Diaz and her family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas for eight years. The family then moved to the Houston region for two years before moving to Virginia for three years. They moved again to Saudi Arabia for one year and finally moved back to Katy and have lived here ever since.

“We moved so often that throughout all my high school years I have attended four different high schools,” Diaz said. “In fact by the start of my sophomore year, I had already attended two different high schools.”

This year, she received the Outstanding Senior in French Award by The American Association of Teachers of French. Diaz was recognized for demonstrating excellence in the study of French, being the president of the French Club, being a member of societe honoraire de Francais, and participating in the Texas French Symposium. When not preoccupied with school assignments, responsibilities in the clubs and her job, Diaz enjoys art and more specifically drawing.

“I was excited and surprised when I received the award. It felt really special,” Diaz said. “I think me being the French Club president and taking part in the Texas French Symposium helped me gain the recognition.”

Beyond high school, Diaz aspires of being involved international relations, where she is able to communicate between the leaders of two countries and assist them in coming to a reasonable conclusion on a debated issue.

“I want to travel and explore but also help people while doing so,” Diaz said. “I want to learn the cultures of the world and in the process make others more culturally aware.”