Zachary Maddox


Zachary Maddox

Sandra Sadek, Staff Writer

It is often rare in today’s society for a child to follow in his parents’ footsteps. Despite this unusuality, Texas native and newly employed World Geography teacher, Zachary Maddox, has decided to continue in the path that both of his parents pursued.They have taught for 36 years in Cy-Fair ISD.

“Both of my parents were teachers and history has been a passion of mine. The first time I knew I loved history was when my dad made me watch The Longest Day, a movie about D-Day,” Maddox said.

A graduate from Jersey Village High School in Houston, Maddox earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History at Sam Houston State University; however he worked as a coach at Alief Taylor High School for a year before moving to Katy, Texas. A fan of history and a loving owner of a chocolate labrador named Morgan, Maddox, like any young man, enjoys the fun things in life and tries to make the most out of his free time.

“I like to read history and Sci Fi books, going to concerts, playing golf and grilling ,” Maddox said.

Whenever he is not flipping steaks on his grill or swinging his club at golf courses, the World Geography teacher enjoys spending time with his family, with whom he is very close. Maddox also often travels to make the most out of his time with his relatives.

“We went to the Hilton Head in South Carolina four years ago for my grandparents’ anniversary and played a lot of golf; it was lot of fun,” said Maddox.

As a debuting teacher, Maddox is looking forward to his days at Tompkins High School and hopes to spread his love of history and social studies to his students in an enthusiastic and fun manner.