How Deep Into The Woods Are You?

Sandra Sadek, Staff Writer

As the spring semester resumes its habitual pace, students are once more obliged to get back in the routine of school. While many students go about their daily schOTHS_WoodsAdedule, a group of students stay after school everyday until 5 p.m., and give up their Saturdays in order to work on the production of the Fine Arts Department’s spring musical Into The Woods.

With the show dates set for the first week of February, from the 4th to the 6th, the time given to the crew and cast is limited and is quickly decreasing as the days go by. Every minute is essential as everything has to be made from hand; from the set and props to the costumes, all members are put to task in order to beat the dangerous deadline.

“So far, we are on schedule. The biggest portion of the set is almost finished; we just need to add the artistic part. Our main idea for the stage is several locations in the woods and three different houses,” Margaret Rodriguez, the director for the show, said.

Considering that the musical is a production of orchestra, choir, theatre and band, their goal is giving the audience a memorable spectacle. The chosen actors are expected to act and sing on stage, something that not everyone is easily capable of doing and that requires much dedication and commitment. Furthermore, the orchestra and band both possess their own schedule as only those who pass the selective choice of members participate in the musical aspect of the production. The selection include less than half the number of members of the entire band and orchestra.

“So far, communication has been our most important key, especially between the crew heads and the directors. As for the orchestra, Mr. Porter has taken responsibility of rehearsing them,” Rodriguez said.

The nomination from the Tommy Tune Awards, the official theatre awards for high school productions, has motivated the crew to give out their best and work hard on every single detail. Although each member is working in hope of an award, other goals and achievements are on the list for the show, all while enjoying the time spent together.

“Although we are working towards a Tommy Tune Award, our main goals are to put on the best show we can and entertain the audience all three show nights,” Rodriguez said.

With around two hour long practices, the cast members are spending a great amount of time rehearsing each line and song; whether it is by themselves or as a whole. One of the hardest challenges is the constant variation of the chorus during group performances.

“I’ve been going over the music a lot, and spending time interacting with all the other characters and just practicing how it’s going to be when everyone is running on and off stage,” Elizabeth Freeman, a junior who was casted as Jack’s mother, said.
Every actor has their own inspiration, whether they are auditioning for a role or building huge and amazing sets. With the production being a department work, every individual involved offers the support and help necessary towards the success of the musical.

“My choir teacher, Ms. Reinartz, really inspires me because she does her own competitions and such. She’s very inspirational to me to put myself out there and succeed,” Freeman said.