Reagan Shemon


Sophmore Reagan Shemon in the black shirt playing her flute at marching practice.

Gracie Long, Editor in Chief

Devoting the last few weeks of her summer to perfecting the most incredible band show, sophomore Reagan Shemon paces across the blazing white cement lined with blue to resemble the football field. A small water break was allotted and Shemon gulps down as much as she can before returning to her position. Shemon raises her silver flute to her mouth, begins marching and awaits her cue.

“I really enjoy band because I have made a ton of great friends, there are so many unique experiences that you will not find with any other extra curricular activity,” Shemon said. “Band has improved my understanding of music and taught me how to think differently.”

Shemon’s love for music began in elementary school. Her mother played the flute and it sparked Shemon’s interest. Sticking with band from this early age, Shemon has worked her way up to being a member of the OTHS marching band.

“I wanted to be just like my mom,” Shemon said. “Joining my elementary school music program is really what started it all.”

The first time Shemon performed in front of people she was very nervous, but with each show she has grown more confident. When Shemon is not playing the flute she is playing on the softball field. Freshman year she played on the OTHS JV softball team.

“Band has definitely taught me how to be more confident,” Shemon said. “Previously I felt scared and was focused on not messing up, but I have learned there is a big difference in doing something right and leading.”