Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones

Daniela Flores, Staff Writer

Shannon Jones starts her day off with a classroom full of bright and happy children eager to learn the key business ethics and techniques for their futures. As her day progresses Jones has to move to a computer lab to accommodate the needs of her students that seek an in-depth lesson about the technology side to business. Finally, she settles back into her classroom where she teaches her final class about how they can save money in their day to day lives, as well in business.

“I naturally gravitated to business back in high school. I liked business but I also really wanted to be a teacher; I didn’t really put it together until later,” said Jones.

All throughout high school Jones knew that she wanted to be a teacher, it was her calling, but did not know what to teach exactly. Business also seemed to be knocking on her doorstep, but she knew that the business world was too brutal. This is Jones’ first year at Tompkins High School. She has been educating students for 20 years now and business is still her strong suit

“I currently teach three different electives, and they are all in business,” said Jones.

She teaches Principles of Business Marketing and Finance, then she moves to the computer lab across the hall. Her next class is Business Information Management, this class expands on programs like Excel. Finally, she moves back to her regular classroom to teach her last class of the day, Dollars and Sense.

“What I love the most about Tompkins is how supportive the staff and the students are, especially since I am new to the school this year,” Jones said.