Stephanie Chronister


Stephanie Chronister helping seniors Rebecca Sollars and Allison Ingram on their project.

Hayley Goodman, Staff Writer

Stephanie Chronister attended high school at Taylor in katy. She just graduated from Sam Houston University last year and this is her first year teaching at Tompkins. Teaching Biology, along with Forensic science, allows her to teach students about some interesting topics.

“I have always had an interest in all disciplines of science, especially biology. It is the study of LIfe. For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the natural world. I’m not kidding,” said Chronister.

Chronister’s school spirit was at an all time high in college because she was the school mascot, for both Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State University. The reason Chronister switched to Sam Houston was because she was discovered by Sam Houston’s coach and she was wanted to be on a national winning team. So she became the head captain of a great mascoting team.

“I miss mascoting more than anyone will ever know. It was my extracurricular activity that was able to help my shy self break out of my shell. When I was in the suit, I could be anyone I wanted to be. It was beyond liberating,” said Chronister.

Before college Chronister was involved in swim team, mascoting and was a triathlete. She loved swimming because she considered her team as her other family. She was able to get through high school with them, because they spent almost every day together swimming. She lived in Houston, but was zoned to Taylor High School in Katy.

“My school was in the dead center of three different school districts. I am actually still friends with a lot of people that I did not go to highschool with, but people I got to know in the areas that were closer to where I had lived,” said Chronister.

Chronister is now at Tompkins and she loves her job. Being able to watch Tompkins first class grow up and go to college is rewarding to her. She teaches Biology and Forensics and hopes see her students pursue a career in these field.

” I love teaching all of my students. I hope that I can inspire you guys to be the best version of yourself, and spark a love of science within all of you. That shows me that I am doing something right,” said Chronister.