Homecoming Proposals


Gracie Long and Giulia Campos

It’s that time of the year, when feathers, bells and ribbons line the OTHS hallways. Suddenly the school is bursting with spirit and smiling faces. Couples stick out like sore thumbs with matching mums and garters that have a ribbons with their significant others name presented. Plans for rendezvous at the Homecoming dance are being made with great care. Do not wait until the last minute to ask your date to Homecoming. Some people are stuck on how. Want to blow your dates mind and make them feel special? Keep reading for a sure fire way to get your date to say yes!

Write on their car windows:
Write something simple on their car window to ask them to Homecoming like ‘Homecoming?’ or ‘you+me+Homecoming=?’ then stand by their car and let the words do the talking. Make sure to use paint markers that are safe for the car. Walking to your car to find this is a great surprise.

Make a clever sign:
Create a poster board with a play on words asking your person of interest to homecoming. For example draw a whale and write ‘whale you come with me to homecoming?’, draw a Pokemon ball and write ‘I choose you, Homecoming?’ or draw a bear and write ‘I would be Beary happy to take you to Homecoming’. This option has an endless amount of possibilities to be creative.

Write a note:
Yes, this option is as easy as it sounds. Simply write a quick message asking them to homecoming and wait for an answer. Stuck on what to write? You could write ‘Homecoming? Check yes or no’ then draw two boxes with yes and no or you could write them note saying how much you like them and why you want them as a date. If you think writing a note is not enough put the note somewhere that it will be a surprise. For example put in under the windshield wipers of their car, inside a notebook they use for class or leave it on their front door step.

Spell it out:
With this option you cannot use almost anything, but you must be cautious when laying them out, remember what angle they will be looking from. You can spell out Homecoming with food, candles or anything easy to make letters out of. Also be cautious of fire hazards, objects that will melt or blow away.

Investigate what the person is into or what they do in their spare time then think of a way to incorporate that into asking them. If they are interested in a sport you could write it on a ball or play a game and discreetly place words in it. Sports not really their thing? Try finding something else they do like journalism and dress up as a reporter to ‘ask them questions’ and ask them to Homecoming as one of your questions.

Who does not like food? Food is an easy way to ask someone to homecoming as well. Write them your personalized phrase in frosting, on the cup or box. Making play on words will make this option even better with puns like ‘Donut leave me dateless for Homecoming’.

If the plan is to spend more time on the proposal, balloons are a great shot. Write a note, buy chocolate and print out memorable pictures to put inside one of the ten balloons to give a crush or friend. In sharpie, give out instructions to pop the balloons and the person will do so until they find the surprise inside one of them. To add a mysterious feeling, leave the balloons in the person’s room so they can see it when they get back from school.

If indecisiveness is still a problem, chocolate is the answer. Buy some Kisses and spell out a message on the floor because now that the ground they walked on was kissed, they will definitely become someone’s date to Homecoming.

Treasure Hunt:
Set up a treasure hunt or give a stuffed bear to say how it is unbearable to go to Homecoming without them. Buy a cookie cake and write the question in icing. What matters is finding the guts to act and have fun when the night comes.

Just ask:

Sometimes a simple question and answer is the best way to go. Asking someone to homecoming does not need to be elaborate and might not be the way you roll.

Do not wait any longer. Go ask the person you want to go with now, there is no time like the present. Do not be nervous because the worst thing they can say is no.