Waylan Walton


Lucas De Almeida

Waylan Walton

Many people who read science fiction novels for entertainment are fascinated by the alternate situations where actions that are impossible in real life are a part of the day to day life in the created world. Although, only a few who read these books get inspired by them and choose a career in science to make these dreams come true. One such person is; physics teacher, Waylan Walton, who will be teaching for his tenth year this year as he taught at Katy-Taylor High School for the previous nine.

“I am a very avid reader of science fiction novels and some fantasy novels,” Walton said. “ I have several hundred books and reading these novels is what got me into science. Even during the school year, I try to read at least two to three books a month.”

Since the beginning of the school year, Walton was looking forward to start teaching. In addition, the new lab equipment got Walton very excited to conduct experiments in his physics classes. He loved the atmosphere of the school and felt at home as soon as he arrived.

“Being a new school, Tompkins is used to getting new teachers every year and because of that, all my fellow staff members and I were very welcoming since the first day and I really did appreciate that,” said Walton.

It was not just the teachers and staff that were making Walton enthusiastic. The behavior of the students after the first week of school really impressed him. He saw the students as responsible and proactive people who were eager to learn.

“It seems that everyone, especially the students are excited to build something new,” said Walton. “They are all motivated and driven to get everything to work and succeed which makes me really happy.”