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What to Look Forward to This New Year

  1. Winter Olympics- The 2018 New Year will kickoff with the winter olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Two months from now, the opening ceremony will begin on Feb. 9 and the games will go until Feb 25. Time to get excited for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, ice hockey and more.
  2. Marvel vs. DC- Everyone is raging for the new Avengers Infinity War movie coming up next year. Other Marvel movies include Ant-Man and the Wasp and The Black Panther, who was a new character introduced in Captain America: Civil War. However, the Marvel studio now faces new competition with the DC superheroes after the release of Wonder Woman and Justice League. DC is planned to release Aquaman Dec. 21, 2018 and have released dates of more films to come in the future like Wonder Woman 2, Cyborg, and The Flash. The new film industries will create a vast divide among people in whether they prefer Marvel or DC.
  3. Disney- Another industry that is expected to have a good year is Disney. After recently premiering the movie Coco in theaters, Disney touches their audience’s emotions as a young boy learns about the importance of family. This film has gotten people excited to discover what will come next year and the list is pretty exciting. They plan on making a movie similar to Maleficent called Cruella, a story behind the wicked villain in 101 dalmations. With the success of their other live actions, they are planning Mulan and Mary Poppins Returns. Another Star Wars movie will be made about the story of Han Solo. Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck it- Ralph 2 and A Wrinkle in Time are also hitting the theaters in 2018, but what everyone is most excited for, is the very anticipated film The Incredibles 2 following the story of the super family ready to save the world.
  4. Netflix-  Netflix streams America’s favorite TV shows and movies, and they plan to release 80 new original films in 2018. The public knows of Netflix’s success with TV shows following the release of Stranger Things and should be excited to see what else Netflix comes up with.
  5. Apple- Three new iPhones are supposedly coming in 2018 with most of the designs altered to look similar to the new iPhone X. They will have a low-end market with prices around $649 and a high-end with the price range near $999. The company is working on a supersized iPhone X that features a 61/2 in. screen.
  6. Books- Many new books are coming out that are worth while to glance at including The Cruel Prince, A State of Freedom, This Could Hurt, Nice Try Jane Sinner, The Immortalists and more. Additionally, Amazon is creating a new kind of store called Amazon Go providing a new experience for customers where they don’t have to wait in line to check-out. It will charge your Amazon account and send a receipt for the items purchased. This new idea will encourage more people to get Amazon accounts and will give them more money.
  7. Games- Many new games will be produced for PS4 and the Xbox. However, 2018 is anticipated as being a great year for the new Nintendo Switch and the games that will be released for it.