Kevin Lauritano

Kevin Lauritano
Kim Lauritano
Kevin Lauritano

Senior Kevin Lauritano would say that he is not the same person he was just a few years ago. What is his reasoning for this gradual change in his personality over the years? Well, his participation in Taekwondo, he claims. However, first things first; what is Taekwondo? It is a phrase in Korean that translates to ‘the way of the hand and the foot.’ There are many more types of martial arts besides Taekwondo, however, that can be found depending on which region of the world one happens to look.

“It’s pretty much a sport, more specifically a type of martial art, and it teaches courtesy, respect, integrity, self-control and other life lessons that can be applied inside and outside of school,” said Lauritano.

Lauritano first joined the sport in sixth grade, when his mom got him into a trial class, and he found it fun. After that, he decided that he wanted to do it. He has been taking taekwondo lessons for the past few years, and it has been a gradual climb to his current black belt ranking, which is a prestigious achievement to attain in Taekwondo.

“To rank up in Taekwondo, it is a lot of memorization of lessons and techniques, and the further up you progress, the more you learn. As a result, there is always more that you have to review,” said Lauritano.

Besides finding the friends, activities and general atmosphere of the class fun and enjoyable, Lauritano has said that the sport has had a deeper effect on him on a personal level.

“I believe that Taekwondo has changed me for the good, it helped me learn to control my emotions. It has also given me better self-control, and has in general, made me a better person, “said Lauritano.