Kisses or Misses

Growing up, crushes wiggle their way into the lives of many students. Relationships can be confusing even for adults, but for high schoolers dating is a new adventure into uncharted territories. Having your first kiss can range from being amazing to one of those awkward moments that make you want to crawl under a large rock.. Here are some first kisses Falcons have experienced:

“Whenever this one guy would try to kiss me I’d avoid it by hugging him, but sadly he didn’t take the hint and caught me off guard, it was so awkward,” said senior *Janey Vaney.

“My first kiss was very short and awkward,” said *Molly Moxen.

“I was super nervous for my first kiss. When I’m nervous I develop stick, gross smelling saliva which is so embarrassing. He leaned in and I closed my eyes and completely missed his mouth,” said *Agatha Nore.

“My first kiss was my in eighth grade year with my best friend’s brother whom I was dating at the time. It was awkward but, it was a very amazing experience,” said senior *Valentine Cane.

“He was a junior and I was a freshman and I was so nervous and then he missed my mouth. This was all right outside my social studies class. Most embarrassing first kiss,” said *Molly Mills.

“My first kiss was very clumsy but electric,” said senior *George Foster.

“It was in the seventh grade, I was so nervous it took me like 40 minutes to finally kiss him. This was all set up as a date after school at 3p.m. in the courtyard,” said *Mallory Mane.

“My first kiss was great in the moment, but kinda gross looking back on it,” said senior *Annie Bane.

“I was in the seventh grade and it was at my friend’s Halloween birthday party. In the backyard he leaned over and grabbed my face and kissed me. I thought it was good and I am still friends with him,” said senior *Sally Brown.

“My first kiss was in fourth grade behind the school during recess and she ran off after,” said senior Hayden Smith.

“I was hugging my best friend who I really really liked. I leaned in to kiss his cheek as I was leaving, but to my horror he moved his head and our lips collided with such an awkward sound. I don’t believe I’ve ever turned redder in my life then I did in that moment,” said junior *Ramona Teal.

“My first kiss was awkward because her parents were watching,” said junior *Tabby Tane.

“My first kiss was on new years and it was bad and awkward and I said sorry,” said *Belle Benn.

“I was in the band hall waiting for an audition, and the guy walked up and kissed me… I had a reed in my mouth. It was so awkward,” said senior *Hanley Greed.

“My first kiss was the summer of eighth grade and my boyfriend and I were in his kitchen. Long story short we kissed and his dad saw us. He walked by with an awkward face like, yikes,” said *Annie Anne.

“My first kiss was this year with one of my best friends whom I am dating. We were joking around about it earlier in the day because we had been dating almost a month. We went to his house after school and were watching TV when I just got the courage and kissed him, since I knew he didn’t want to take my first kiss without my consent. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. I am so glad it was with my best friend in the entire world. I will never forget it,” said senior *Cynthia Carr.

*Names were changed for privacy