Break Up with PDA

Getting in a relationship can be an amazing and magical time, where two people start to feel like they are the only two people in the world. When one is with their boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes everyone else just seems to disappear as if they are in their own little bubble. Although this may feel amazing, it has the potential to lead to some issues. PDA, also known as Public Displays of Affection, can lead to embarrassing moments and negative reputations. Some students, such as senior Wes Rogers, are uncomfortable and do not enjoy seeing overly affectionate couples in the hallway.

“PDA represents you in a negative light. People do not think about what they do and how it can be interpreted by others,” Rogers said.

Even though couples may feel like they are in their own little world, they are not and are actually out on display in front of everyone else. Couples may think there is nothing wrong with their behavior or may think people will just perceive it as cute, but that is not always the case. PDA can easily make a lot of people feel uncomfortable while also blocking hallway traffic.

“There is a time and a place for everything, especially when it comes to showing affection,” Rogers said. “The hallway is not one of those places.”

The most important thing is for couples to just be considerate of other people. Having an audience probably is not the most romantic thing while trying to show affection. Whether in the school hallway, the movie theater or the mall, couples should take into account the people around them and keep their actions appropriate. A good rule of thumb is if one would not want their parents seeing them acting that way, then it is probably a good idea not to do it in front of any classmates either.

“The problem is not public displays of affection, it is excessive public displays of affection,” Rogers said.

Couples need to find a balance when it comes to showing affection in public. For example, holding hands and hugging probably will not bother a lot of people. However, kissing or blocking everyone’s way in the hallway can lead to annoyed classmates and potentially a write-up. In school, it is okay to be a couple and act like one, but it is extremely important to limit the PDA and not take it too far for the sake of others.