Youtuber: Isabella Fons


Lucas De Almedia

sophomore Isabella Fons

Skillfully facing the white Sony camera towards her in an outstretched hand, sophomore Isabella Fons hits the record button with a bright smile as she begins to introduce the topic of what will soon be her latest YouTube video about veganism. Fons has enthusiastically been sharing her vegan recipes with viewers since the summer of 2014, when she filmed her first video while simply trying to keep herself busy.

“I was bored in the summer because I had switched schools, so since I didn’t really know anyone to hang out with, I just decided to start making videos,” Fons said.

Fons began making videos with the thought that many girls her age were interested in the topic, and while some may find a vegan diet to be very restrictive, the choice to become a vegan was not hard for Fons to carry out.

“I started to get really curious in the animal industry and as I learned about it more, I just couldn’t even imagine eating meat anymore. I’ve been allergic to milk and eggs, so I was basically two- thirds vegan, so it was really easy for me to do,” Fons said.

Fons tends to keep most of her videos focused on veganism and healthy living, giving her viewers a look into what a vegan diet consists of through the meals she prepares herself as well as showing easy and flavorful vegan recipes viewers can try at home. Posting videos to YouTube has given Fons the opportunity to spread her love for vegan food with viewers in both a unique and highly interactive way.

“I love interacting with people when they comment on my videos. It makes me so excited when people tell me that they love watching my videos, and I just love interacting with everyone,” Fons said.

The videos Fons records take both creative thought and hard work, qualities that are evident in the way she edits each video, as well as the filming of individual parts of her videos, which in many cases takes place over the course of an entire day. Despite the sometimes tedious process of filming and editing, Fons takes into account the amount of time it take to produce a video, and remains dedicated to finish each one.

“Filming takes a long time. Over spring break I made an Easter video that took four hours to film and then three hours to edit, but some videos can be only 30 minutes to film and 30 minutes to edit, so it just depends on how much production I am doing,” Fons said.