Andretta Young


Sophomore Andretta Young with her vehicle.

The engines rev on track as the drivers keenly watch the lights on top of the starting line. With their hands tightly on the clutch, preparing to shift up the gears and get the perfect launch off the
line. Sophomore Andretta Young sits in the driver’s seat, thinking about remaining calm and goes through how she wants the start go to in her head.The five lights finally go out and the cumulative roar of the engines surge throughout the track.andretta.....

“My dad used to race when he was younger, so he inspired me to start racing,” said Young. “My racing idol is Ayrton Senna.”


Young was born in Webster, Texas but has lived in the Katy region for most of her life. She currently competes at a high level in racing. Competing in various go-karting series, such as Superkarts USA, Circuit of the Americas, and U.S. Open, Young also races for Porsche and drives the Porsche 911 GT3. Her love for speed continues outside of the race track and onto track and field. Similar to her racing, Young’s mother was her source of inspiration for joining track.

“It was a spontaneous decision to join track and compete in pole vault,” Young said. “I tried it once and I realized it was fun and I was good at it.”

Racing at such a level is extremely time consuming as she has to travel with her team to the different race tracks throughout the nation. Young studied at an online school the first semester during her season and has now come back to Tompkins to participate in the Track and Field program.

“I miss a lot of school so my racing coach gives me a set time on tracks to work on school work,” Young said. “I want to see where it takes me, maybe Formula 1 in the future.”