Basketball to the Max

The crowd is cheering nonstop as the players strategically run around the court, with their sneakers constantly squeaking. The beginning of March brings not only spring break, but also March Madness. March Madness is a NCAA competition that brings excitement into viewer’s lives, but it also challenges them to create the perfect bracket.

“In the bracket the initial team matches are placed, and the fans take it from there as to predictions,” said sophomore Brendan Robisch.

When the brackets first go live the only thing on them are the round one matches of the 68 teams. The fan then decides who will win when the teams are paired together, but it does not stop at round one. Fans are supposed to go down to the championship game and decide who would win. The only question is how does one decide who the best teams are.

“I look at the stats for the teams that are doing well that season. If any teams are playing against each other that aren’t necessarily good I choose the underdog, because who doesn’t love an underdog,” said Algebra II teacher Jarred Darensbourg.

Many people have different strategies for how they shape their brackets. From just closing their eyes and choosing to by what the stats say, but there are very rarely any two brackets that are alike. It is also extremely difficult to get a perfect bracket.

“The odds to get a perfect bracket are crazy, it’s like 1 to 4 quadrillion but I like filling them out anyway because it feels good to get even just one right,” said Robisch.