Brielle Wood


Freshman Brielle Wood

Zipping in a pink ballroom dress with matching heels and carefully brushing on each stroke of make-up, freshman and class of 2019 president Brielle Wood walks across the judge’s stage. Sporting a large smile, Wood not only wants to win for herself but for all the people she helps when volunteering. Pageants have been a big part of Wood’s life for a very long time and they have influenced her to take a path in life that helps others.

“Ever since I was little I wanted to make a difference. I knew serving is how I could give back to the world,” Wood said.

Wood first became interested in pageants when her older sister began participating in pageants. Although the fancy outfits were attractive, this was not the reason Wood began participating herself. Each participant in pageants typically chooses a charity or organization to support. This was one of the main things that drew Wood to the pageant life. Wood is currently partnered with the Food Bank.

“I think starting young and thinking about what you want in the future is the first step in helping your future,” Wood said. “By knowing what I want I will be able to work hard in everything to achieve my goals.”

After campaigning and waiting for votes, Wood was elected as the freshmen class president for the class of 2019. As the president Wood wants to enact change that will help everyone and the school. After high school, Wood plans to continue helping other by pursuing a career as a lawyer and or politician.

“My main goal as a president is to make a difference in my class and help create a legacy for the class of 2019,” Wood said. “I want the class of 2019 to stand out from the other classes as a positive future generation, that goes out in the world with ideas and a heart to serve.”

In the following months Wood has organized a canned food drive that will take place at Tompkins. The drive will be different than past ones in that there will be a competition between classes. According to Wood she plans to make the drive one that everyone wants to participate in and she has made it her goal to collect as many cans a possible. All the cans will go to the Food Bank.

“My advice for people who want to make a difference at Tompkins is to be involved in anything you can, and have a voice. Do not be afraid to use it to speak up and to make positive changes,” Wood said. “Get out of your comfort zone and the benefits of serving is endless. Coming together with others to achieve a common cause is so rewarding.”