Stuco runs in District Election


After a year in the making, the time junior Nushrah Elahi has been anxiously waiting for is only days away. On Thursday Feb. 25, Elahi will be running in the Student Council District 13 election.

“I’ve always had a passion for Student Council,” Elahi said. “I really wanted to represent our school at a district level.”

Unsure which position to run for, Elahi sought advice from fellow OTHS Student Council officers and sponsor Scarlett Stuckey. The decision was made that Elahi would represent Tompkins’ Student Council in District 13 as delegate at large and will be nominated by Mayde Creek High School.

“I chose to run for this position because it isn’t one of the main positions and I figured we should start slow and build our way up,” Elahi said.

Elahi will be running against Kerr High School from Alief ISD for the district position as delegate at large.

Elahi’s platform is called ‘Clip It Together,’ inspired by Student Council’s’ annual compliments clothespins project. Every year in the week leading up to Valentine’s day, students have the opportunity to pick up clothespins with compliments written on them by Student Council members during lunch. The compliment clothespins is one of Student Council’s most successful projects.

This platform promotes school camaraderie and friendship, demonstrating how compliment clothes pins brought together the school as a whole.

“I am very proud of how put-together our skit and dance is,” Elahi said.


UPDATE: Student Council district elections took place at George Ranch High School on Thursday Feb. 25, 2016. Nushrah Elahi will hold the position of delegate at large for Houston Student Councils’ District 13 during the 2016-2017 academic school year.