Teacher Besties


We are all aware of those two students that are always spending time together, who share each and every secret, and are a pair made in heaven. But have you ever wondered how well the teachers know their teacher-best friends? Here we ask our teachers how well they know the colleagues they interact with the most and see how close the friendship is between the Tompkins staff.

What is their favorite color?

Crestani guess: Blue Olenius guess: Green
Crestani answer: Yellow Olenius answer: Peacock green

Davis guess: Blue Sandoval guess: Blue
Davis answer: Pink Sandoval answer: Red

Cherry guess: Maize Grisdale guess: Blue
Cherry answer: Crimson Grisdale answer: Navy

Walton guess: Maroon Daigle guess:Green
Walton answer: Green Daigle answer: Blue

What is their favorite type of food/cuisine?

Crestani guess: Mexican Olenius guess: Italian
Crestani answer: Italian Olenius answer: Mexican

Davis guess: Mexican Sandoval guess: American
Davis answer: Mexican Sandoval answer: Mexican

Cherry guess: Steak Grisdale: Ă¼burrito
Cherry answer: Mexican Grisdale answer: Italian

Walton guess: Mexican Daigle guess: Chinese
Walton answer: Chinese Daigle answer: Thai

What is their favorite thing to do in their free time?

Crestani guess: Movies Olenius guess: Travel
Crestani answer: Cook Olenius answer: Ride horses

Davis guess: Soccer Sandoval guess: Golf
Davis answer: Golf Sandoval answer: Soccer

Cherry guess: Boating Grisdale guess: Read
Cherry answer: Movies and music Grisdale answer: Work out

Walton guess: Reading Daigle guess: Robotics
Walton answer: Reading Daigle answer: Watch football

Where were they born/ where is their hometown?

Crestani guess: Victoria, TX Olenius guess: Houston TX
Crestani answer: Houston, TX Olenius answer: Victoria, TX

Davis guess: Brenham, TX Sandoval guess: Texas
Davis answer: Midland, TX Sandoval answer: Brenham, TX

Cherry guess: Cheboygan, MI Grisdale guess: Indiana
Cherry answer: Clayton, IN Grisdale answer: Cheboygan, MI

Walton guess: Houston Area Daigle guess: Texas
Walton answer: Texas Daigle answer: Sugarland, TX

Do they have any pets?

Crestani guess: Hedgehog Olenius guess: Labrador retriever
Crestani answer: A Labrador retriever Olenius answer: Dog, hedgehog and a fish

Davis guess: No pets Sandoval guess: No pets
Davis answer: Two dogs Sandoval answer: No pets

Cherry guess: A dog Grisdale guess: A dog
Cherry answer: A dog Grisdale answer: A dog

Walton guess: A dog Daigle guess: No pets
Walton answer: No pets Daigle answer: Two dogs

Are they more of a early bird or a night owl?

Crestani guess: Night Owl Olenius guess: Night Owl
Crestani answer: Night Owl Olenius answer: Early Bird

Davis guess: Night Owl Sandoval guess: Night Owl
Davis answer: Early Bird Sandoval answer: Night Owl

Cherry guess: Early Bird Grisdale guess: Night Owl
Cherry answer: Early Bird Grisdale answer: Early Bird

Walton guess: Early Bird Daigle guess: Early Bird
Walton answer: Early Bird Daigle answer: Early Bird

When is their birthday?

Crestani guess: Sometime during summer Olenius guess: During the summer
Crestani answer: June 23 Olenius answer: June 11

Davis guess: October Sandoval guess: Spring
Davis answer: October 15 Sandoval answer: October

Cherry guess: Fall Grisdale guess: Spring
Cherry answer: August 6 Grisdale answer: October 31

Walton guess: June Daigle guess: April
Walton answer: Spring Daigle answer: Winter time

What is their favorite genre of music?

Crestani guess: Country Olenius guess: 70s rock
Crestani answer: 70s rock Olenius answer: 80s and 90s music

Davis guess: Country Sandoval guess: Country
Davis answer: Country Sandoval answer: Rap

Cherry guess: 70s and 80s rock Grisdale guess: Soft pop rock
Cherry answer: 70s music Grisdale answer: Classic rock

Walton guess: Alternative Daigle guess: Classical
Walton answer: Alternative rock Daigle answer: Soul music