Helping the Homeless

December 15, 2015

Driving down the freeway, cardboard signs are desperately grasped in the hands of those who need help, a flash in the window is what most people see. Put yourself in their position and imagine how hard it must be to stand out outside and hope that your sign will work  and just maybe someone will open their hearts for a brief second to help you. Is it hard to think these people do not have a bed to sleep in or front door to walk through at the end of the day? It is time to open our eyes and look at those holding the cardboard signs.


In the Houston area  6,300 people are homeless. Loss of jobs is the is the largest cause of homelessness in Houston. A common misconception is homeless people are in their situation due to drug and alcohol addiction.  Although some of these people are victim of addiction, they only make up 8 percent of the homeless population.


Regardless of the reason a person has found themselves in a situation that they have, it is our civil duty as Americans and humans to help them. Holiday festivities make it easy to forget about the people who do not have a bed to sleep in. A large portion of the Katy- Houston area is fortunate in wealth. Not in the means of money, but in the means of people who they can turn to. These people who are left to find a bridge to sleep under do not have anyone……….


People are always saying to be the change you want to see in the world. It is time to be the change, together we can help our fellow humans. This season lend a helping hand to those who need one the most. Giving to other is very rewarding and we can make this world a little better by helping those in need.


Star of Hope is an Organization in Houston that helps the homeless population. This holiday season the Nestline is collecting diapers, bottled water, blankets and gently used items to donate to Star of Hope. Please join us in giving back this season. If you are interested in donating, drop of items in room 1237 or contact our Editor in Chief Gracie Long through email at [email protected].

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