John Hodges

December 7, 2015


John Hodges

For some in a high school math class ’why am I here?’ is a question often asked. Some cannot fathom who would ever want to teach any subject of mathematics for a living. For Algebra I teacher, John Hodges, the only thought was how talented he was with his math class.

“I enjoyed my math classes as I grew up through high school and college. There is a systematic way to find the answer for each problem. Figuring out the answer becomes and challenge. I chose to teach math because I believe that it is the subject that I could teach most effectively,” said Hodges.

Hodges is not only a teacher at Tompkins but also coaches. He is the freshman JV football and softball coach.

“I first decided to become a teacher because I wanted to be a coach. As I went through college I slowly realized how my chosen profession was so much more than just coaching. I also learned how influential a teacher can be, and now I truly love being a teacher and a coach,” said Hodges.

Teaching was not Hodges first career choice. He began classes studying to become an engineer for one year before discovering that engineering was not for him. Hodges then switched his major to kinesiology with a focus in education.

“I attended Texas A&M University, just like my father and my twin brother,” said Hodges. “I was in the Corps of Cadets, Company E-1. I enjoyed the Corps and Texas A&M, and I met so many people through the Corps. The four years in the Corps were difficult and required a lot of time and effort. However, it is one of the most unique experiences that I have ever had. You learn so much as you go through college and grow up, I am glad that I got to experience college at Texas A&M.”

You may see the proud Aggie in the hallways during passing periods. Hodges is often seen interacting with students and always has a smile on his face.

“I cannot point out a certain moment that has been my most rewarding, but it is always rewarding to hear a student that has been struggling and working so hard say, ‘Oh, now I get it!’That always makes me proud of the student to see their work pay off,” said Hodges.

Hodges also has experience working on a ranch during summers and before he became a full time teacher. His time working on the ranch taught him to take on any challenge and do his best no matter what.

“I know that teaching can be difficult, but I enjoy the challenge! The sky’s the limit for teachers and coaches, and I hope to grow and learn as a teacher everyday here at Tompkins High School,” said Hodges.

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