What Do Your Keys Say?

November 30, 2015

Aside from the obvious use of keychains, keychains are surprisingly a fashion statement. A simple glance at a someone’s keys can tell you so much much about that person. For example you can find out what college a person wants to attend, what their name is, their favorite animal or interests. Personalized keychains are becoming one of the hot new trends.


The most popular keychains seen on girls key rings are letter key chains and Vera Bradley lanyards. These are relatively cheap options to decorate keys with prices ranging from $3-$15. However some other popular trends are more expensive with prices from $30-$90 such as the Kate Spade wallet keychain and the Vineyard Vines whale keychain.


Popular guy keychains include lanyards form colleges or a pendant logo of their car. Lanyards can be easy obtained for free from college and recruitment tables. However lanyards can also be purchased from a number of stores including Pacsun, the Vans store and Hollister. Car logo pendants can be purchased online and at car dealerships for under $10.


So Falcons when you get the keys to your first car or even your house be mindful of what you put on key ring. Keychains are another way to express yourself and show people who you really are. Get creative with your keychain you can make something for you keychain, buy something or just leave it plain. Ideas for making a keychain include braided strings, old memorabilia, handmade animals and old necklaces. Other ideas for a keychain DIY are found on Pinterest.


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