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Date Disasters

November 20, 2015

Dating plays a big part in an a high school student’s life, but sometimes a date can take an unexpected turn. Whether it be caused by accidents or just some embarrassing moment arises, it can make a date memorable forever. Here are some date disasters Falcons have experienced:


“One time I was on a date with my boyfriend and he spilled coffee on me. Then when we were leaving the restaurant to go to his car, we ran into his brother and friends,” said senior Julia Vergara


“I went on a date with this girl once and I forgot my wallet. I had to drive 20 minutes back to my house to get it and by that time my date was so done,” said junior *Mark Jackson.


“My girlfriend and I went to the pet store one time to play with cats. It was a good idea at first, but she is allergic to cats. So we ended up leaving because she was getting sick,” said senior *Rick Rogers.


“Me and my girlfriend went to a haunted house once and she ended up having a panic attack the whole way through. We ended up taking a five minute break outside the emergency exit so she and her friend could calm down,” said sophomore Hayden Major.


“Me and my date were heading home from downtown and I was driving, so we ended up getting lost for an hour because I went the wrong way,” said  senior *Barry White.


“I was at the movies with my boyfriend at the time and we ran into his ex and he spent the whole entire time inside the theater talking to her,” said senior *Caroline Canes.


“I went on a date and we went into the woods and it was full of trees.We went down to the creek and there was this mud that he threw at me and I threw it at him. But it got in his mouth and then when we were leaving I realized I had poison ivy all over me,” said senior Becky Simon.


“My boyfriend at the time took me on a date to Baskin Robins. Everything was going great but I talk with my hands and I was  telling a dramatic story. Then I accidentally threw my ice cream into the wall and all over myself. It was so awkward but he immediately grabbed napkins to clean it up and we laughed it off,” said senior Gracie Long.

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