Austin Hart

November 3, 2015


Austin Hart

As the waves crash around the body of the young wakeboarder, he precisely times his twists and turns in order to maintain stability as he performs one of his adored hobbies on a day where not a single cloud covers the sky and the sun hugs his sunburnt face. That perfect sky remains as the young man cycles through Katy, Texas, with his wife by his side. With a voice that can instantly enchant any and every listener, choir teacher Austin Hart teaches his young choir students the art of singing and pairing the melodies with music.

“I joined choir my sophomore year in high school. Before that, I was in band,” Hart said. “It was in my junior year that I realized that I wanted to be a choir director.”

It can be complicated enough to search and obtain a job when one has freshly graduated from college. Hart attended University of Texas at Austin. Having received an undergraduate degree in education and a master’s in opera performance, Hart went from grad school straight to working as a choir instructor.

“I like music, but I also like to work with my students,” Hart said. “I like to connect with them through something that is not just a core academic class.”

Hart has always worked with music, he has sung for his church choir and has taken part in several musical bands throughout high school. He knows how to play guitar, how to sing and perform. To Hart, connecting with his students is the greatest thing. Strong bonds can be formed when harmonizing together. Music can mean anything for anyone. For Hart, it is so much more than just instruments and vocals.

“For me, music is a lot of different things,” Hart said. “It’s a way to relax, a way to have fun, it’s a way to be a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s a different way to learn about culture, it’s a way to express yourself and collaborate and work with other people.”

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