Nick Keiser

Nick Keiser

November 3, 2015

Plastic bottles, empty soda cans, used cardboard boxes and many other miscellaneous items are being put together by one determined man. Nick Keiser just cannot resists the urge to build and invent with anything around him. By choosing his profession in teaching, he hopes what he does inspires the students in his class and he wants to pass on his passion to them.

“I love robotics and trying to make things move,” said Keiser. “For the most part I use recyclable items, out of which I try to build machines that are able to execute a task or function by doing something.”

The engineering teacher was born in San Angelo, Texas, and attended New Mexico Tech for his bachelor’s. Keiser also attended the University of Texas at Dallas to achieve his masters in MBA.

Until now, Keiser taught at Morton Ranch High School for the past 10 years and was a teacher for ICP, Chemistry and Physics. Apart from being brilliantly educated in various sciences, Keiser likes to remain physically fit.

“I often go trail running. I used to participate in a lot of marathons, although after I started running on scenic trails, it was too boring for me to return to running around in bland cities,” said Keiser. “Once you take notice of the beauty of nature when you go trail running, you just look at how pretty it is and don’t want to come back.”

Keiser likes to teach his students with a hands on approach. Often in his class students are working on projects which are solutions to problems that Keiser challenges them with. Using the information they have been taught, much of the class is spent tackling building projects and testing their effectiveness.

“I try to teach them in a way that relates to the real world and give them scenarios that are possible to occur in real life. I want them to see how to apply the laws of physics and motion in real life so they understand what they have learned, all the while trying to have fun working on their projects,” said Keiser.

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