Student Perspective of the Ukraine VS Russia Conflict


Gabriela Carpio , Staff Writer

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is a topic many people have been talking about. The war began with tensions between Ukraine and Russia rising for many years. Putin, President of Russia, ordered 15,000 troops from Russia to Ukraine which forced many people in Ukraine to try to flee. Russia began forms of violence against Ukraine by throwing bombs, sending missles, and invading the country.

Other countries have been helping Ukraine during this time by sending supplies like weapons. With all of the attacks, Ukraine is receiving help from NATO members. NATO, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a military alliance. Ukraine is not officially a member of NATO so the alliance is not obligated to help the country.

Now, the global economy is at major risk with supply chains being damaged and supplies such as oil and gas prices increasing. Ukraine has been suffering and has been having trouble with survival from all the attacks.

“I have been learning information about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in my classes, especially English. We recently had to read an article about the topic and write an essay about our opinions. I also receive a lot of new information about the war from social media platforms like Twitter,” said sophomore Patricia Carpio.

Students have many forms of access to information about the war and have their own opinions on it. There are many different ways students have learned about the conflict, as well as other things occurring globally.

“I remember learning about the conflict in my history class. People were asking questions to our teacher and our teacher helped explain everything that was happening. I learn most information about the war at school when students are talking about it with each other,” said junior Jace Hernandez.

Many classes have been sharing and talking about the war in classrooms. Some students ask questions to their teachers, asking about the war and what could happen next.

“As a student, I feel that the war is unnecessary and other measures could take into effect instead to create less deaths,” said sophomore Katelyn Bellows.

Students hope that nothing ends horribly with the conflict taking place in Ukraine against Russia. They hope that the people in Ukraine become safe and peace is made.

“I’m scared and feel for the people of Ukraine and pray that they stay safe. I am scared that the US will join the war,” said sophomore Santiago Cortes.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is something people are learning more about everyday. The war has a possibility to continue further and increase in tensions and Ukraine could continue to face many challenges.

“I hope to learn more about what I can do, as a student, to help Ukraine and the big battles occurring,” said Bellows.