Growing as a Youtuber: Funke Olayinka


Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

Starting a Youtube channel for many people can be scary because it requires one to be comfortable enough with themselves for others to see. There is a lot of fear associated with being behind a screen and talking to a camera due to constant worrying how it will be portrayed to others. YouTube is a huge social media platform for many young teenagers. It is widely used on a day to day basis for a different variety of reasons.


Senior Funke Olayinka started a YouTube channel in order to be able to share her knowledge with others when she was a little girl. Her content is based on fashion ideas, lifestyles, advice and manifestation. She started out making videos and found out she was able to be herself on camera.


“I was really inspired when I was a little kid watching teens film YouTube videos,” said Olayinka. “The reason why I started it was because I wanted to build confidence.”


Olayinka did not feel confident in her speaking ability, so she used YouTube to try to build her confidence. She also used YouTube to find out more about what she enjoys through her platform as well as help others with their confidence. She hopes to be a positive influence on social media for others who struggle to gain confidence.


“I thought it would be an easy way to build confidence, get to know myself, and also help others with their confidence too,” said Olayinka. “Especially to inspire girls who look like me because I believe that what we watch does have an impact on our actions and how we behave.”


Olayinka found being a YouTuber to be very time consuming and tiring, so she decided to take a break around 2018. She struggled to keep up with making and editing videos. She likes to share her knowledge with everyone else and is very open to new ideas. She loves to constantly learn new things.

“I think self doubt is one of the biggest challenging aspects along with the negative feedback that can tend to hold you back. Another one is comparison with someone that has a larger platform,” said Olayinka.


Olayinka is a YouTuber whose content is made to help others become more comfortable with themselves rather than just entertain them. She has been able to gain more confidence in her speaking skills and find out more about herself through the experience. Her YouTube channel is called Dollfunke.