Remona Clark, KISD Counselor of the Year


Kendall Berry, Staff Writer

Being a counselor or administrator is a very tough task, especially in a high school environment. Providing care and comfort for students, but also making sure they are being pushed to reach their full potential to hit that next chapter in their life is extremely difficult but also very rewarding. For instance, the lead counselor for Tompkins High School, Remona Clark does a very great but challenging job. As the lead counselor, the responsibilities that are enforced are exceptionally arduous. These responsibilities taken up by Clark is the reason why she won 2021-2022 counselor of the year in Katy ISD.

“I meet with students with academic and emotional concerns. In addition, I check for graduation requirements and assist students with college and career pursuits. As Lead Counselor, I supervise and make sure all counselors have the needed materials and resources to do their job effectively,” said Clark.

Since Clark is the lead counselor at school, a lot of responsibility is put into her hands. Her role might seem simple but is definitely a very tough and difficult job to handle. Her role is to plan, implement and evaluate a thorough program of guidance and counseling to improve the hardships or mental health of students to assist them in reaching that next chapter in their life, after high school. Though this may not come easy for her, she makes sure that whatever she is doing, she is assisting students in making sure that they know she believes in them and know they can succeed.

“I believe that students are adults and need to learn the importance of completing their assignments and doing their very best. I make every attempt to treat others with respect and I believe that students ultimately know the answer. I just facilitate them with their thought process, said Clark. “I facilitate student conversations and try to teach them proper decision making techniques.”

Many students graduate from high school without having a plan or even having a straightforward idea of what they want to accomplish after high school. In order to be successful in this life, one will always need a plan. This is what makes Clark an outstanding counselor. The position she takes on is to simply help students discover the path that is best for them while making sure their voices are heard.

“All students have issues that they must work through. No problem is too small or not worthy of addressing. As counselors, our job is to listen and to help students progress. The majority of students want to graduate. Some may not know what they want to do after high school or what their interests are. I help students by showing them different options that they may not have thought of,” said Clark.

Clark is not new to any kind of special reward given for her hard and outstanding work. She has won many awards in the past and is seeking for more by her just doing the thing she loves to do. When one takes on something they love, they tend to strive with that thing for their lifetime, and sometimes receive great things for their diligence. That is why it is so important to be pushed by the right person because they can and will put on the right track in life.

Taking on the task to make sure students do not fall behind and slack, is one of the most underappreciated abilities one can do. The entire idea of making sure students are motivated and want to move on with their life, all falls on administration and counselors at their local school. If kids have a tough life at home, at least they know they will be loved and appreciated at school where it is where they are at 70 percent of the time. As a student, do not be afraid to talk to counselors as it is there job to help, assist, and direct students to making sure they set foot on the right path.